Fine waterfront lodging & meeting facilities on Carver's Harbor

The Tidewater on Vinalhaven Island is closer to the water than any place that's not a boat. The Tidewater is built on a bridge, the ebb and flow of the tides provides a soundtrack to your stay as the water flows directly beneath your room, inches away. That same rush of ocean water once powered a granite polishing mill, blacksmith shop and grist mill on the site, a marvel of ingenuity.

To the seaward, in Carver's Harbor, the world's most productive lobster fleet is anchored right outside your window. On the other side is Carver's Pond, the Harbor's tidal estuary, and the Town and island of Vinalhaven, waiting to be explored.

You can sit on your private deck and dangle your toes (if you have long toes) in the water or lie in bed, open the window, and let the rushing tide's unforgettable lullaby sing you to sleep. Few views can equal those at the Tidewater and few places are as relaxing. Whether you come to Vinalhaven for work or play, the Tidewater's cozy harborside and townside units, some with fully furnished kitchens, will make you wish you never had to leave. Vinalhaven is a great place for kids to vacation and we welcome families with open arms.